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About Us

Ngoli-8 Integrated Farms is an agricultural and veterinary care conglomerate that combines traditional and cutting-edge techniques, as well as scientifically proven methods to provide you with wholesomely prepared antibiotic residue free animal proteins source and agro-veterinary consultancy services.


We envisage our brand in no more distance time than half a decade to be a household name and sustainable source of food of animal origin and agro-veterinary based knowledge for the society at large as we solve the problem of production, processing and storage of food of animal source in Nigeria.


We strive to be the long lasting solution to the unavailability animal protein source due to lack of storage facility by providing alternative and provide real time aid to enhance the production of more livestock in our community and nation at large by providing consultancy services to agropreneurs.
We strive to be the long lasting solution to the unavailability animal protein source due to lack of storage facility
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Our Services


we cater for your needs as well as those of restaurants, eateries and hospitality businesses through the production and sale of sizeable, healthy and drug residue free animals;

we produce and process catfish to serve the unending market with; live catfish, oven-dried catfish, and also, fingerlings, juveniles and melanges

Production and processing of broiler chicken to serve our valued customers with live chicken, processed chicken and oven-dried chicken

Production and processing of snails to provide the market with wholesome snails and oven-baked seasoned snails

Production of rabbits for consumption and laboratory purposes. we also serve the pet market in this space

5. we are working tirelessly to incorporate other livestock like goat and pigs although we still have them on the smallest scale and have other affiliate farms from which we constantly provide our clients with these.


In this regard, we ease the burden off your shoulders as an intending agropreneur, investor or a farmer by providing you with the following services to optimize your production and in return reduce hunger

1. cost estimation for an ideal farm set-up
2. feasibility study(business plan)
3. soil and water test (snail and fish farming)
4. training of farm attendants
5. drafting of farm practice procedures such as feeding scheme and vaccination schedule etc

We provide veterinary consultancy services, routine herd health management, and advisory services on farm business and technical matters


we provide farms, zoos and homes with veterinary services like Vaccination Diagnosis Treatment Surgery for farm animals, companion animals and exotic wildlife respectively Lastly, Ngoli-8 provides her elite clients with the aid to acquire exotic wildlife or games such as Parrots Ostrich Horses Lion Owl Exotic Fishes for aquarium exotic domestic cats and dogs as well


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